Friday, January 29, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Look! Snow, flirting with the desert! Somehow January has nearly passed me by. It feels like I've blinked and ta dah! It's February! How does this happen?! (and no, I haven't been whiling away all my time playing with my iPod ;) ) Stay tuned, I'll share a finished object (sadly not the Squirrel mitts, which have been languishing in one of my numerous knitting bags) and perhaps some lovely fibers from some very talented dyers (no, not me - and not for the shop either....I've been enhancing my personal stash, dreaming perhaps of another handspun sweater).

In the meantime, there have been some updates to the shop - most notably a bunch of new patterns and 5" tips for the interchangeable Hiya-Hiya set. Check out all the new goodies here.

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