Monday, May 19, 2008

Size Matters!

Look at the difference in the way the yarn behaves with 2 different needle sizes! I think it's pretty neat myself - and it's a great illustration that you can indeed "control" or manipulate a yarn if you are afraid of pooling or flashing.

That there is a swatch for a Seamless Saddle Shoulder Sweater (I'm way behind - rumor has it that Erika "won" the KAL and finished her sweater this weekend - Illanna was not far behind with only the underarms to sew up as of yesterday...and Kiki has recently frogged the yoke of her sweater to redo it due to an excess of fabric at the underarms. Rumor is the best version of the "pattern" to follow is out of Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter (and not Knitting Workshop - which is what I am currently knitting out of....). Ah well, I've got miles of knitting to go before I get there - and tempted as I am to just knit one ball of koigu after the next, I will be juggling and mixing the balls of yarn, just in case the colors don't quite match.

By the way, I opted to go with US2s if you were wondering. But only because the math was easier ;)


cayli said...

I do like how the colors play out better on the 2's and since it makes the math easier I think it makes the choice a no brainer.;)

Rachel said...

Lovely :)

The Chickengoddess said...

That's amazing. What colorway is that yarn?

Laurel said...

I discovered the pooling/needle size difference when I started knitting some pants for my daughter! With the size 5's called for, there was awful pooling of colors...usually I don't mind lots of pooling, but this came out really weird! Made it look like she wet her pants the way the gray was pooling in the back & inside of the legs!!!

Tried size 4's...not bad, but not good either. Finally used 3's & got NICE stripes! Gabby's really tiny, so the smaller needle size doesn't hurt...I was trying to make the pants smaller anyway! Well, smaller and LONGER!! The stripes will widen her stick-legs! :o)