Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back from a much needed escape to the outdoors :) Almost December, and where I live, it still feels like late summer - with temps still in the mid 80's! My favorite season has always been the fall and it seems I'm destined to miss it as the weather appears determined to stay stuck in eternal summer. Luckily for me, the hiking trip was not only a much welcome break from work, but we managed to get plenty of crisp cool air and the smell of fallen leaves was everywhere :)

Photos have been pulled off the camera, but I haven't had a minute to really sort through them - I'm currently in mad preparation mode for trying to get an update done before Thanksgiving...there's a bunch of yarn still waiting to be skeined and photographed...stay tuned :)


AmysBabies said...

It is supposed to be cooler by Thanksgiving! But it does look like we are going right from summer to winter this year :(

Pam said...

Fall is one thing I'm definitely digging being back east - the leaves are gorgeous this year. I've taken a ton of pictures and eventually you'll see them on the blog. You may even get inspired for yarn colors...I did and I don't even dye!