Thursday, September 20, 2007

Man Socks?

What with all the lace going on, and Avast having been temporarily shoved overboard, I recently cast on for a pair of socks. The colors are quite manly - the pattern choice may not be - I'm still trying to decide (and I'm quite a bit further on the foot now too - well, technically I'm done with the foot seeing as I turned both heels last night)....I'm knitting Broadripple from Knitty. Course, I'm knitting 'em toe up, and will be doing a short row heel and a regular ribbed they are a wee bit different. I suppose I should have the man they are destined for try them on again now that I have more than just the toe finished and see if he objects to the ripples...

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AmysBabies said...

The pattern could be manly with the right yarn, and that looks like a very manly yarn!